Oscar nominees might feel they’ve earned a spot of relaxation after the Academy Awards ceremony on February 22nd. But if they’re hoping to kick back with their swag from the annual losers’ gift bag, they’ll be immediately reminded that success is dependent on looking good.

The covetable goody bag, officially titled the “Everybody Wins at the Oscars Nominee Gift Bag”, is being handed out for the 13th year by the Los Angeles-based marketing firm Distinctive Assets. This year’s bag is valued in excess of $80,000 (£53,000) – half the value of the $150,000 bag on offer in 2005, since which the Internal Revenue Service deemed the gifts taxable. Goods donated by 59 brands, the most expensive including art, fine wine, jewelry and luxury travel vouchers, are delivered in a box the morning after the awards ceremony to 20 nominees in the acting and directing categories who don’t take home a gong. But just in case disappointed nominees might consider letting themselves go, the bag has a notably health-conscious focus.

While Bridget Jones turns to ice cream to comfort her through her woes, Oscar losers will be offered herbal tea lollipops and lean protein bars. Lest despondent actors are tempted to binge on their Live Love Pop healthy popcorn, the bags also contain portion-control plates.

Nor are celebrities encouraged to take any time out of their presumably grueling fitness regimes, post-Oscars. For those whose new year’s resolutions are on the wane, there’s a PolarLoop 24/7 activity tracker and vouchers for personal fitness sessions with celebrity trainer Alexis Seletzky. Stars exhausted from the ceremony might welcome a quick fix in the form of anti-ageing products, facial repair cream, and acne treatment. Unfortunately, the anti-perspirant and Starlettos heel protectors come too late to save embarrassments on this year’s catwalk.

The bag’s message to celebrities is slightly less explicit than in 2012, when nominees were offered the chance to undergo non-invasive fat reduction. 2014’s bag contained weight-loss pills and a robotic hair transplant system worth $16,000, as well as the The Orgasm Shot, or O Shot, a procedure that allegedly “rejuvenates and enhances the genital tissue of a woman”.

At least this year’s worn-out stars will receive NapAnywhere head-support pillows. Meanwhile, those determined to have some fun might enjoy some of the more comforting offerings: a home spa system, a movie-based charades game, Mediterranean sea salts and an Afterglow Pulsewave vibrator.

Article by telegraph.co.uk

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