Last week, SkyMall, the world’s largest in-flight catalog, announced that it had filed for bankruptcy.  The catalog had apparently been struggling due to a “crowded, rapidly evolving, and intensely competitive” retail environment as the reason for its troubles.  Many have stated their concerns over the fate of the products featured within the soon to be defunct catalog.

While you might not be able to find the SkyMall catalog on planes anymore, you can still get the NapAnywhere™ at  This minimalist sleeping pillow is growing in popularity, having been featured in several online publications like Gizmodo,, and Refinery29.

“Don’t worry, we’re right here,” says founder and creator Dr. Ravi Shamaiengar.  “Rest assured, we’re not going anywhere.”

Travelers can get their zz’s with this innovative head-support system.  There’s nothing stopping you from getting a little sleep on the bus, train, or in the car.  This device is especially effective on long flights, where fliers can wake up refreshed and ready to go.

Dr. Ravi Shamaiengar received the 2012 Virginia Inventor’s Forum “Innovator of the Year” award, ran a successful funding campaign on Kickstarter in 2013, and has since been the recipient of many accolades.

To get a NapAnywhere, go to and place an order.  There are more than enough in stock.

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