NapAnywhere, the creator of the NapAnywhere neck pillow, is pleased to announce that their innovative sleep product will be participating in the gift bag given to the year’s non-winning Academy Award Nominees by Distinctive Assets.  The products within these Everybody Wins at the Oscars® Nominee Bags are selected from thousands of entrants.

The Oscars® will be airing live on Sunday, February 22nd at 7pm Eastern Time on ABC.  The host for this year’s awards is Neil Patrick Harris.  Some of the nominees include Bradley Cooper for Best Actor in a Leading Role, Julianne Moore for Best Actress in a Leading Role, and Meryl Streep for Best Actress in a Supporting Role.

NapAnywhere is an innovative sleep aid which enables travelers the opportunity to wake up relaxed and refreshed.  The moldable pillow conforms to the sleeper’s head, keeping it at the proper angle and minimizing neck cramps.  This minimalist pillow, considered part engineering, part architecture, and part origami, easily returns to a flat shape when it is not in use.

“To be included in these gift bags is an honor,” says Ravi Shamaiengar, creator of the NapAnywhere® neck pillow.  “We believe that everyone should receive a good night’s sleep, no matter where they are.”

The NapAnywhere was the 2014 Winner of the Product Innovation Award at the International Travel Goods Show.  It has been featured in SkyMall Magazine, the preferred in-flight magazine for over 600,000 passengers.

For more information about the NapAnywhere, please visit  This Gift Bag has no affiliation with A.M.P.A.S. or any official Academy Awards gift bag.

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