NapAnywhere is proud to announce that it will be featured at SkyMall this January.

Reaching over 600 million travelers, the SkyMall catalog has a long and historic reputation of offering quirky, useful, and unique gifts to its readers.  From the sippy wine glass to the Harry Potter wand remote, the company partners with retailers to offer the coolest gifts in the country.

Putting the NapAnywhere in front of 88% of the flying population will revolutionize the way that people are sleeping on airplanes and in airport waiting areas.  No longer do fliers have to ask for a pillow to crumple up every which way to get comfortable.SkyMall

The NapAnywhere makes it easy for those who love to (or need to) nap while on the go.  It’s a minimalist neck pillow that braces head and neck far better than those travel pillows ever could.  Strap it in place, and you’re able to sleep whenever and wherever you have the opportunity.

The NapAnywhere is described as, “A thin circular form consisting of strong yet flexible endoskeleton covered with comfortable foam padding and wrapped in high-quality fabric.”  Other people describe the device as perfect. says, “It seems perfect for flights, subway commutes, even long car rides when you’re not the driver.  But tuck the NapAnywhere inside a hoodie and you can keep it disguised while you nap through lectures, symphonies, or even the ballet.”

Look for the NapAnywhere in SkyMall after January 1st.

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