Article By Sunny Clark

The revolutionary NapAnywhere head and neck support for naps fits flat in your bag or briefcase, yet fully supports your head and neck when in use. Awarded top honors for Product Innovation at the 2014 International Travel Goods Show, NapAnywhere is perfect for flights, office power naps and navigating long car rides.

From the time we’re born, our neck and head need more support than any other part of our bodies. Muscles grow and we learn to hold up our own heads – at least until we sleep. One of the main differences of a body fully at rest and one in motion is the relaxation of the muscles that hold up the head. After all, we nap to rest our heads. Unless the head and neck are fully supported, few of us, if any, can truly rest and restore.

NapAnywhere was invented by a physician to eliminate the neck pain and general discomfort he suffered during airline travel. Now a favorite traveling companion to tens of thousands, NapAnywhere has even turned up in the coveted gift bags at the Oscar and Grammy Award Shows. No neck pillow even comes close to cradling your head and neck while you sleep like this imaginative and sturdy travel innovation. Now, you can forget about recovering from your flight and refresh during it! So, carry on, rest easy and NapAnywhere!

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