NapAnywhere® is proud to announce that it will be an exhibitor at the upcoming Travel and Adventure Show in Chicago, January 17th and 18th at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL.

The Travel and Adventure Show is the largest show of its kind, attracting travelers and exhibitors alike from all over the world. Chicago_travel_and_adventure_show Attendees will have the opportunity to meet destination experts, savor the flavors of exotic foods at the Taste of Travel stage, and mingle with celebrity travelers who have visited nearly every country. Expected speakers include Karyn Calabrese, Restauranteur and Wellness Expert, Samantha Brown, Chef Judson Todd Allen, Cheryl Strayed, Peter Greenberg, and Pauline Frommer.

NapAnywhere®, LLC is rapidly making a name for themselves in the travel industry, especially among frequent travelers who must find ways to sleep on airplanes.  The NapAnywhere® is a minimalist head-pillow that consists of a moldable foam headrest that sits on the shoulder and a strap to attach it to the body.

When the device is not in use it lays flat, easily slipping into a carry-on bag or other small bag.  The surface itself is moldable to fit any traveler’s needs.  The head is supported, leaving the user refreshed and more rested than if they had used the traditional neck pillow.

“The NapAnywhere® was designed with travelers in mind,” says Ravi Shamaiengar, creator of the NapAnywhere®.  His personal traveling and discomfort with traditional travel pillows inspired the creation of the device.  “It is supportive and comfortable, yet lightweight and portable travel pillow, and can provide a custom fit for each user.  The result is an extremely lightweight device that can be molded to an individual’s shape, supporting the weight of their head while they nap.  Once it’s put on correctly, you barely know it’s there.”

The NapAnywhere® launched a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2013, allowing thousands of travelers to rest easily all over the world.  Recently, the NapAnywhere® was a winner of a Product Innovation Award at the 2014 Travel Good Show and featured within the SkyMall® catalog.

Visit the NapAnywhere® team in Booth 2011 at the Travel and Adventure Show in Chicago.  There will be door prizes, contests, and show discounts for the products.

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