Flying on planes, commuting on buses and trains, and long car rides can all result in neck pain.  You can call it airplane neck, commuter neck, traveler neck or just pain in the neck!  This condition has been known to damage relationships, hinder business meetings, and prevent travelers from enjoying their vacation.  How can you stop this condition right in its tracks?  Read on.

What is airplane neck?

Airplane neck is caused by not getting the proper head and neck support while sleeping.  Snoozers keep their neck in one of the four positions of airplane neck, waking up with fatigue, neck cramps, and soreness.

The Four Sleeping Positions of Airplane Neck

The first position of airplane neck is the ‘up’ position.  Your head is tilted upward, sometimes mouth open, with the very top of your head propped on a hard surface.  Staying in this position, as with any of the others, causes airplane neck.

The second culprit of airplane neck is the side-sleeping position.  Placing your head on your own shoulder overextends the muscles and strains them to create a sore-sleeping environment.  Waking up without at least some stiffness and soreness is nearly impossible in this position.

Down sleepers place their chin against their collarbone, hoping and praying that they will get reasonable sleep.  Unfortunately, all these sleepers truly receive is a stiff neck, one which can last for several hours.

The last position is the ‘anything goes’ position.  This includes sleeping on other people’s shoulders, using a hard, bumpy windowframe for sleeping, and trying to get the head ‘just right’ with a book, magazine, or laptop case.

Who can get airplane neck?

  • Students studying all hours
  • Moms and dads who commute
  • Business people who are Frequent flyers
  • Vacationers traveling long distances
  • Basically, anyone who travels

How to stop airplane neck

You could try not sleeping, of course.  We’ve found that only works for the first hour or so before travelers get cranky and tired.  Besides, we’ve got an easier solution to airplane neck, one which doesn’t include the word ‘deprivation.’ In fact, it’s pretty luxurious.

The NapAnywhere was designed by a doctor who had airplane neck one too many times.  He traveled everywhere, but found that when he woke up from his flight that he was in a pain reminiscent of a strain he’d received years prior.  He tried several prototypes until he found the design that worked.

NapAnywheres fold to fit your neck and head to allow you to sleep in a more natural position.  Instead of one of the four positions of airplane neck, your neck and spine are in a straighter position, one which is conducive to good sleep.  There’s no inflating, filling with water, or constant readjusting with the NapAnywhere.

Even if you are in cramped, crazy conditions, the NapAnywhere can help you get good sleep and stop airplane more airplane neck

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