If you’re a student, you know that short study breaks will help you remember your material better. They also energize you for more studying. What better study break than a nap? A nap may be the next best thing when a good’s night sleep is impossible. Harvard Medical School researcher, Jeffery Ellonbogen reports “sleep actually makes memory stronger.” Most students who plan to pull all-nighters may find a power nap will help.

A power nap, 30 minutes or less, will help to rejuvenate you so you are ready to keep on studying. If you really need to study, avoid napping by curling or twisting your body, neck and head in the wrong position or the result will be worse than failing grades. Have you felt that crampy, knotty, aggravating condition that comes with sleeping in a bad position? This type of pain will last through your studying and taking your finals! When you have neck pain, it’s hard to study. In fact, it’s hard to keep your attention on anything other than the fact that your neck hurts and that you’ve got an exam coming up.

What Are the Student Variations of “Cramming for Finals” Neck pain?

Book Smash – Face down with your head on a giant pile of books. This position usually leads to drooling, smudging of notes, and a big pain in the neck.

Floor Sprawl – Lay underneath the table in the hopes that nobody will notice you. Generation upon generation of college students have done this maneuver. Most of them weren’t used to sleeping on concrete, and so they woke up with aching backs and a sore neck.

Catching Flies – All this takes is a convenient wall for the head to tilt back and the mouth to open. This one not only leads to uncomfortable neck pain, but it also can be the source of some uncomfortably funny pictures.

Anything Goes – Everyone has woken up in a way that makes them wonder how they ever ended up in that position. When the need to sleep finally takes over, the result leads to crimps, cramps, and cricks in the neck.

Students all over the country are waking up with sore necks because they’re contorting themselves to try to get in the right position against books, desks, and floors. We understand adventurous sleeping, but we’d rather you have the chance to get in your study breaks without worrying about a stiff neck rearing its ugly head. Enter the NapAnywhere.

The NapAnywhere doesn’t change the place where you sleep, it changes the angle which your head and neck are tilted. The NapAnywhere allows you to sleep in a seated position and achieve a truly restful sleep sitting up. Instead of slumped down, laid back, or on top of lumps, the NapAnywhere pillow conforms to the shape of your head while simultaneously supporting your neck. In other words, it stops study neck pain in its tracks.

Cramming for finals? You need to have a NapAnywhere.

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