A letter from our CEO:


I would like to introduce you to a product that is helping thousands of people around the world travel more comfortably, the NapAnywhere(R).

Winner of a “Product Innovation Award” at the 2014 International Travel Goods Show following a successful KickStarter campaign, the NapAnywhere(R) is a lightweight and portable head support pad which inspires you to reconsider what is truly comfortable when traveling.

Instead of pushing your head down against a common neck pillow, the NapAnywhere supports your head in a comfortable upright position, allowing your neck muscles to relax.

The NapAnywhere is a patented disc shaped pad which is approximately 1 inch thick, about 11 inches in diameter and weighs only 8 ounces. It has a flexible metallic core which is embedded in a soft supportive foam and is wrapped in high-quality cloth. It is reversible with one side being cool to the touch and the other side being warm to the touch.

This portable flat disc is designed to transform into a comfortable three dimensional shape that has the ability to support the weight of your head thus relieving the neck muscles from their usual work. When not in use the NapAnywhere can revert to it’s original portable profile.

The NapAnywhere is a higher quality product from the majority of offerings in this product category. It has been constructed to last for years. But beyond that, it is superior in terms of functionality. This view has been confirmed from multiple real world user experiences.

I encourage you to visit our website and view the “how-to” directions and videos.

Thank you for considering the NapAnywhere!

Ravi Shamaiengar, M.D.
Inventor & CEO
NapAnywhere, LLC

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Don’t miss out on this opportunity!  Please contact:
Rita Kikoen, Marketing Director | 708-250-5858 | rita@napanywhere.net

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