When I was in school, I could stay up for what felt like days at a time.  There was no stopping me. However, that lack of sleep took a toll on the quality of my work and my life. I just didn’t feel as sharp as I used to be. I kept going like this until my junior year when I discovered my secret weapon: napping. Even now that I’m much older, I’m still in love with naps.

I’m not alone with the love of napping, either.  There are many countries which have instituted napping as part of their normal routines, and they’re much happier for it.  However, here in the US napping has historically been looked upon as an activity of the lazy or elderly. Yet science is starting to prove that those other cultures have the right idea. Here are just a few of the benefits of a good nap.

Napping Resets the Day

For some people, a lack of sleep can make their mood fluctuate like roller coasters without safeties.  It’s a constant string of up and down, side to side, happy and sad. If you feel like your day has gone to the dogs, a half hour nap can put you back in a more pleasant mood. Think of it like a soothing hot shower for the brain.

Napping Encourages Intelligence

If you’ve been beating your brain up over a problem, taking a nap can get the solutions that you’ve been looking for.  Sleeping is an opportunity for your brain to process events and sort out problems. By taking a nap, you’re letting your brain chew on the information so you can get the answer easily when you wake up.

Napping Increases Productivity

We’re always happy to see that napping has been catching on.  Japanese firms are starting to embrace the power of napping and actively encourage their workers to sleep on the job, according to The Guardian.  Imagine being able to use the NapAnywhere right behind the desk! Maybe you can show the study to your boss and get them on board.

Napping Eliminates Stress

Staying up late isn’t doing your body any favors, like I learned for myself in school.  Lack of sleep produces cortisol, the stress hormone.  Cortisol, while it does have some beneficial uses in the body, decreases memory, learning, and the amount of growth hormone in our bodies. Too much cortisol is a major indicator of stress. Napping reduces the amount of cortisol in the body which leaves us refreshed when we wake up.

Napping Cheers You Up

Not only are you reducing stress, resetting your brain, and promoting productivity, napping also gives you a session of natural mood enhancement. By sleeping, you are stabilizing the neurotransmitters in your brain, improving your mood along the way.

So, if you’re finding yourself flagging for any reason, mentally, emotionally, or physically, it might be time to take a nap.  With the NapAnywhere, you can catch those extra Z’s no matter where you are, be it under the desk in your office, in the break room, or on the plane.  You’ll wake up refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the day. Try napping over the next few days and see how you feel!

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